Advice on Renewable Energies


We provide technical advice on the design, execution, operation and maintenancae of installations and the development of the administrative procedures necessary for legalization before competent authorities.


We perform the necessary tests to ensure proper system health and measurements of the most relevant variables for decision making and calculations to optimize your installations are also performed.


Energy audits identify operations within a process that can contribute to savings and efficiency in the primary energy consumed, making possible to optimize the system’s energy requirements.

ADAYC provides  research and development, consulting and engineering expertise for power generation plants using both conventional and renewable technologies.

ADAYC also offers a variety of consulting and engineering project development in the areas of electrical infrastructure, hydrocarbon storage, and energy efficiency.


Our experience in projects and installations has grown over the years.


  • Contributed to the development of power generation facilities utilizing a variety of technologies, including solar thermal systems, combined heat and power, photovoltaic systems, and biomass production.
  • Performed project management and property engineering.
  • Contributed to the fundamental advancement of hydrocarbon storage.
  • Contributed to the engineering of power lines and electrical substations.


  • We assist both public and commercial companies in providing their staff with internal and external training in fields where expertise and knowledge-based support are necessary. We also establish a training approach rating and develop a training plan.

  • We offer our services to public and private organisations for the internal and external training of their employees in those areas where a support based on experience and knowledge is necessary.


  • Served as technical advisor in the development of power generation plants. Mainly CSP and PV.
  • Consulted with businesses on the expansion of their PV generation portfolios (Red Eléctrica de España – REE).
  • Investigated power plants and substations thoroughly.
  • Regularly completes projects for global financial institutions (multilateral development banks and bilateral development agencies).


  • Conducted energy audits in various industries and service companies (tertiary sector).
  • Developed a methodology for conducting energy audits.
  • Participated in the implementation of energy management systems in industrial enterprises.


  • Provided consulting services for emission allowance programs.
  • Conducted market research and business planning for the energy industry.
  • Provided consulting services for emission allowance programs.

Advice on Renewable Energies