About Us

Founded in 2007 by Santiago Mirabal, Adalid Asesores y Consultores, S.L. (ADAYC as acronym and registered trademark) is an international engineering and development consultancy company that provides a wide range of services.

We are highly experienced in the development of power generation plants using different conventional and renewable technologies and we are currently considered a leading company in the field of energy.

We bring our knowledge and experience to assist our customers and offer them highly efficient solutions that meet their expectations. We strive continuously to increase our know-how and technical methodology. This is essential to provide our customers with a competitive advantage and the best possible solution for their needs.

We are also completely independent of construction companies, suppliers and/or equipment manufacturers.

ADAYC provides R&D, consultancy, advisory and engineering expertise in energy production plants, both with conventional and renewable technology.

ADAYC also offers the development of different consulting and engineering projects in electrical infrastructure, hydrocarbon storage, and energy efficiency.

The main activities developed by ADAYC are:

High-level consultancy for government agencies and multilateral banks;

Consultancy, engineering, research and technology development for EPC contractors;

Development of conceptual designs, basic engineering and/or detailed engineering of generation plants and equipment;

Development and marketing of products, tools and methodologies for training in the field of energy;

Preparation of purchase specifications, technical and financial evaluations, project control and negotiation;

Due Diligence of technologies and projects.

Advice on Renewable Energies