The main objective of the proposed activity is to support NEPCO (Jordanian TSO), together with CESI, in the procurement phases, of the followings new system parts:

  1. New 400/132 kV substation called New Ma’an, including the 400 and 132 kV inout connections foreseen for the new substation.
  2. Transformers and reactors foreseen for New Ma’an Substation, handled as separate supply package.
  3. New 400 kV OHTL Qatrana-Ma’an, 140 km Double circuit line.
  4. New 132 kV OHTL Qatrana-Queen Alia, 60 km Double circuit line.

The activity covers namely support to NEPCO during two different phases:

  • Activity 1 – Technical Assistance to NEPCO during tender phase.
  • Activity 2 – Updated assessment of economic profitability and financial analysis for NEPCO green corridor project.