The general objective of the assignment is to provide technical assistance to the EEA in developing transparent, predictable and non-discriminatory legal and regulatory frameworks with clear rules and procedures for power procurement. This should ensure increased regulatory certainty by clarifying roles, responsibilities, rules and procedures for Ethiopian authorities and potential investors.

The specific objectives are to:

  1. Develop one holistic or several thematic directives and other supporting documents to clarify roles, responsibilities and procedures for Ethiopian authorities and to establish rules and procedures for competitive power procurement.
  2. Develop standardised and operational criteria to evaluate the technical and financial capacity of the bidders.
  3. Develop a standardised financial model to evaluate the financial offers and other possible selection criteria in the tenders.
  4. Conduct trainings of relevant staff at Ethiopian Agencies and Ministries in rules, procedures, supporting tools (including the operation of the financial model) and evaluation processes in relation to competitive power procurement.