The requested services are the following:

  • Organize and run a formulation workshop (i.e. a series of high level technical meetings of up to 15 persons), gathering all the key Cuban stakeholders (those who will take part in the action and/or benefit from it)
  • On the basis of the input received during the formulation workshop, identify suitable activities with attached costs and indicators (with clear baselines and targets) to efficiently evaluate the results of the action;
  • Identify potential risks accompanying the implementation of the identified activities and propose concrete measures to mitigate them;
  • Elaborate a complete budget per activity;
  • Complete the stakeholders’ analysis;
  • Assess complementarity and synergies with other donors’ interventions;
  • Propose suitable operational modalities options per objective (argumentation based on a comparative analysis is recommended).

As part of the program, the Expert reviewed the implementation of Cuban Strategic Program for remote areas using solar kits (solar PV plus battery and DC appliances).