Renewable energy sources are one of the pillars of the current rise in energy and are currently under constant evolution and development. In this regard, we provide:

The engineering and consulting services necessary to complete projects including the use of waste (biomass and biogas), highly efficient cogeneration, renewable energy, and other technologies like geothermal and wind energy.

Improvement analysis and implementation, compliance evaluations, and feasibility studies.

Appropriate training in the design, operation, and maintenance of renewable energy plants.


We offer guidance on the planning, implementation, operation, and upkeep of facilities as well as the creation of the administrative processes required to formally certify them before appropriate authorities. We conduct the tests required to ascertain the condition of facilities, measure the most important factors, and analyze the results.


A company’s energy systems normally have a 5 to 30 percent savings potential, but additional economic savings may be more than this. By identifying processes within a process that can contribute to savings and efficiency in primary energy consumption, energy audits enable you to optimize your plant’s energy requirements.


Modern technology is required to create ideal solutions, best practices, and advancements in power generation, including adherence to regulations and standards at the national and international levels, specification of devices and systems, and effective implementation of procedures that minimize interference.

We provide any services related to: Engineering, conceptual design, feasibility studies, technical evaluation, basic design, optimisation, purchase management, construction supervision, project control, contract management, health and safety supervision, environmental supervision and detailed engineering of power plants.


We offer our services to public and private organisations for the internal and external training of their employees in those areas where a support based on experience and knowledge is necessary.

We support training in planning the courses necessary to obtain the necessary skills. We develop training plans and set up the evaluation of training actions.


In order to enhance the performance of your main business, we advise outsourcing certain services. We manage all or a portion of engineering, analytical, health and safety, and environmental functions. We make sure that appropriate assistance is provided, that staff are properly trained, and that customer satisfaction is evaluated.

Advice on Renewable Energies