It is essential in the field of sustainability to refer to technologies based on renewable energy sources. They are currently undergoing constant evolution and development and are one of the pillars of the current energy growth.

In this regard, we provide the consultancy and engineering services necessary to carry out projects related to renewable energies, such as those based on solar ( thermal, photovoltaic and thermoelectric) energy, high efficiency (cogeneration), use of waste (biomass, biogas), as well as other technologies such as geothermal and wind energy.

We carry out feasibility studies, engineering, consultancy, compliance assessments and improvement analysis and implementation. Appropriate training for the design, operation and maintenance of the renewable energy plant is also provided.


We provide technical advice on the design, execution, operation and maintenance of facilities, as well as the development of the necessary administrative procedures to legalise them before the competent bodies.

We also perform the necessary testing to determine the condition of the facilities, measurements of the most appropriate variables for decision-making and calculations for the optimisation of our clients’ facilities.

Expert assessments are also carried out to establish the condition of a facility and the required reports are issued. This is done either at the request of the parties or at the request of a court for the verification of the facilities.


Performing energy audits is an excellent way to increase the penetration of energy efficiency in companies, so that knowledge of their energy consumption allows them to identify the potential for energy and economic savings available to them, analysing the technical and economic feasibility of implementing such measures.

Energy audits make it possible to detect those operations within the processes that may contribute to the saving and efficiency of the primary energy consumed, as well as to optimise the energy demand of the facility.

The savings potential in a company’s energy systems is usually between 5 and 30%, while the associated economic savings can exceed these ratios.


The perfect solution, the best practice and the improvement in electricity production must be accomplished with the most advanced techniques: Compliance with national and international laws and standards, definition of equipment and systems, and proper implementation of everything that reduces interference.

We provide any services related to: Engineering, conceptual design, feasibility studies, technical evaluation, basic design, optimisation, purchase management, construction supervision, project control, contract management, health and safety supervision, environmental supervision and detailed engineering of power plants.


We offer our services to public and private organisations for the internal and external training of their employees in those areas where a support based on experience and knowledge is necessary.

We support training in planning the courses necessary to obtain the necessary skills. We develop training plans and set up the evaluation of training actions.


The proper achievement of the core business of a company or business requires a series of processes to be carried out that involve internal costs that excessively leverage the results.

Therefore, it is advisable to outsource these services in order to improve the results of the main source of business and minimise the impact of variations in the evolution of the business.

We manage for this purpose all or part of the quality, health and safety, environmental, engineering and analysis functions. With the assurance of having adequate assistance, the most appropriate staff training and satisfaction analysis to ascertain the quality of services.

Advice on Renewable Energies